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Proven Formula Revealed: Get Your First 100 Quality Email Subscribers With 100% FREE Traffic.

It sucks hearing “The Money is in the List” when you don’t have one that’s working for you.Maybe you’re completely new to this whole email marketing thing and you only have you and your mom on your list.

We all start somewhere. Or maybe, you’ve been around the virtual block…

Bought a couple of Solo Ads ... got some clicks, maybe a sale or two ... but then those people NEVER opened or clicked another email.

SUCKS, right?

Either way, we’d like to share our method with you so you can brand yourself and get your first 100 raving fans (the right way).

Phillip & Garry here and we’ve both spent thousands of dollars on courses, memberships and coaching.

We’ve seen our fair share of what works and what’s utter BS.

We’ve also used Free Traffic to grow our audiences and we’d like to help you get your First 100 quality subscribers onto your email list.

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Meet The Trainers

Phillip Lopez


Facebook Marketing Expert

Phil will show you how to use Facebook to easily start adding high-quality subscribers to your email list.

He will show you how you can drive traffic wherever you want and make sales as an affiliate or a vendor ... all while building your brand.

Garry Baker


YouTube Marketing Expert

Garry is going to show you how to build your email list via YouTube, using the strategies he learned when he earned the Youtube SEO Specialist Certification from Gotch SEO Academy.

He's successfully used this strategy with multiple YouTube channels, and is going to show you the exact tactics and techniques in detail. 

What he teaches you is going to allow you to build your own responsive email list.

So here’s what we’ve got for you...

Garry will be sharing a simple way for you to get traffic from YouTube, using an Evergreen method that can really scale. Phillip will be doing the same, but with Facebook.

Just know that these methods are simple, but there is work to do.

Anyone that tells you otherwise is possibly being a bit ... well let's just say, shady.

And just so you know ... we’ve both bought a TON of stuff in the past that wasn’t worth our time.

What You Will Learn:

  • Get more out of your YouTube subscribers when you get them onto your email list.

  • Keep it simple while giving your YouTube videos a good chance to rank for REALISTIC keywords.

  • Make videos with and without showing your face (in case you got a face for radio...just kidding lol)

  • Easily add quality subscribers from Facebook with simple quality content.

  • Turn your Facebook profile into a tool that can get you leads and sales on a regular basis.

  • Create hyper targeted lead magnets quickly with your Facebook content.

  • Why First 100?

    • 100% Free traffic strategy

    • No need to create your own product

    • Focus is on getting QUALITY subscribers

    • Long-term strategy (no gimmicky crap)

    • Build a small tribe that makes you sales

    • Start fast and simple

    First 100 Course Breakdown

    Here's a better breakdown of what you'll be learning inside this Master Class.

    First 100 - YouTube

    Using YouTube to Build Your Email List

    Getting YouTube views is great, but you shouldn’t just rely on YouTube subscribers. Garry will show you how to get people from your YouTube channel onto your email list (so you can get your First 100 raving fans and drive traffic wherever you want).

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    First 100 - Facebook

    Using Facebook to Build Your Email List

    Memes are fun, but why not make some money while you’re at it? Phillip will show you how to get your First 100 quality email subscribers by using your Facebook profile (and without being spammy and annoying all your friends and family).

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    So here’s what to do next if you’re picking up what we’re throwing down here:

    • Click on one of the buttons on this page that say “Get Started Now”.

    • You’ll see a couple of upsells (there are 3 in total, that’s it)

    • Buy ALL the UPSells! Just kitten lol, we know we have some relevant stuff

      that we know you’ll like.

    • There’s a blue button underneath that which says “Access Affiliate Bonus”

      if you purchased through one of our affiliates

    • Shoot us an email to [email protected] or [email protected]

      if you have ANY issues or whatsoever.

    • Really look through the training and IMPLEMENT. These are Evergreen strategies

      that can help you with just about any niche you target!

    And that’s it. If you’re still reading this far .. or you just scrolling .. we appreciate you stopping by.

    ~ Phillip “Uncle Phil” Lopez & Garry Lynn “Action Taker/Money Maker” Baker (hey that rhymes)

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    First 100

    What it is and What You'll Get Out of it...

    You're First 100 Email Subscribers

    Proven, real world process. No hacks, no tricks or gimmicks.

    ... see you on the inside!"

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We know you'd still have questions, so that's why we prepared this section just for you.

    What the heck is the First 100 and if I don't like it can I get my money back?

    We show you how to get your first 100 quality email subscribers onto your email list using Free Traffic from Facebook or YouTube. There are no refunds for our product. It's a digital information product there is nothing to return, if you are asking about refunds at this point ... we as you that you do us both a favor and don't buy our course.

    How fast can I make money?

    We aren’t going to BS you and tell you that this is a “Get Rich Quick” or “Push Button” strategy. We’re giving you legit ways to build a tribe of raving fans that will trust and buy from you in the future. The more you put into this, the faster your results will be most likely.

    I’ve never made a dime online...how will this help ME?

    We all started somewhere. There’s overwhelm, misinformation...and downright deception that happens in this industry. Both Garry and I care about putting something that WORKS out there ... and not just in theory. This is stuff we’re both doing and you’ll notice other SUCCESSFUL MARKETERS doing the same. Follow the steps, get your First 100 raving fans on your list and you’ll see results. Tweak them as you go along, but know that this stuff = sales but it’s not a race, this is a marathon. After all, you’re in it for the long haul, right? 

    I’m shy ... do I need to show my face for any of this?

    We cover a “Bold” and a “Bashful” way to get your First 100. You can use the “Bashful” way, just know that it’ll probably yield slower results. Now that’s just a prediction based on our own results, feel free to experiment with both.

    Do I need a website?

    No, but you will need to be able to build pages where you can collect emails. Just know that both Garry and I use websites to brand ourselves and have more control over how we drive our traffic. A website can help in the future, but you don’t need one to get started or to make sales.

    Will I need any PAID tools?

    You’ll need a couple of tools to get started.We’ve shown you a few free ones or at least free trials that you can get started with.Just know that all successful marketers use paid tools, it’s just the cost of doing business.

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